Preschool Daycare

EYES program is planned on weekly basis to meet the developmental needs and interest of the children. Preschool classroom has sensory, dramatic play, block area, reading &writing , science and mathematics learning centres. During the day, the children will engage in small group activities to enable them to develop specific skills. They also spend time outdoors.

Early Literacy – Reading/Listening, writing, and Oral communication.

In early literacy your pre-schooler learns how to read, listen, write and engage in oral communication. EYES early literacy programs involve:

  • Learn about sounds and make rhymes
  • Listen to stories and retell
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Learn to print their own names
  • A to Z letter recognition

Early Numeracy – Number sense, Patterning, Spatial, Sense/Geometry, Measurement and Data Management/ Probability

In Early Numeracy, your pre-schooler focuses on Number sense, Patterning, Spatial, Sense, Geometry, Measurement, Data Management and Probability. Special focus is given to:

  • Count objects
  • Show a given number using pictures or objects
  • Sort objects by shape, color, or size
  • Recognize and make patterns
  • Compare objects on length, weight or volume

Environment and Community Awareness

Environment and Community Awareness focuses on special development on:

  • Use their five senses to explore the world around them
  • Explore the use of blocks, wood, clay, water and sand
  • Learn about shapes, colours, signs, and patterns in their world
  • Find out about places and activities in the community

Citizenship and Identity

Pre-school is the right age to introduce identity and citizenship development. At EYES, during Pre-school age kids:

  • Learn how to be good citizens
  • Learn what makes them unique
  • Learn how to share and show respect
  • Learn about their world and how they belong

Personal and Social Development- Self awareness & Self Reliability, Social Relationships

During the Pre-school age, children are exposed to self awareness, self reliability and building social relationships. At EYES, kids during Pre-school:

  • Learn to work in a group
  • Learn how to make friends
  • Learn about feelings
  • Learn to follow directions and be responsible

Physical Skills and Health Learning

  • Learn to make good choices in their life
  • Learn how live a healthy life
  • Learn how live a safe life
  • Learn about exercise

Creative Expression

  • Children express feelings and ideas through music, drama and art
  • They explore paints, clay, crayons and learn about colours, shapes, lines and patterns
  • Learn to use their imagination to tell stories using role-playing.
  • Learn to join in action songs.
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All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.
Calvin Coolidge
(Former US President)

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