Development Opportunities

As we grow, we are currently looking for BUILD TO FIT (BTF) developers that can offer our company multiple locations in specific geographic territories. Our projections indicate that our franchise will grow to more than 20 locations in the next Two years; and due to this growth swell, we need experienced developers that can construct each of these centers in accordance with EYES plans and specifications. The developers we currently working with are seeing exceptional value in our increased credit as a tenant. This gives them the ability to either sell their BTF at an increasingly high multiple, or to maintain the center for its strong and continuous cash flow.

Our average turnaround time on any location, from introduction to lease, can be accomplished within few weeks. You won’t waste your time dealing with inexperienced people; you will deal directly with experienced and accomplished management team.  We can also price-help cost per line items with subcontractors in order to save you money on construction and generate larger margins of revenue.

If your real estate portfolio requires a need for tenants that have a proven success record, we have 20+ years of experience and a strong rate of return on investment.

we understand your investment and how to make sure that each landlord makes money. Rewarding our developers can only assist in the growth of the EYES brand.

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Enroll your Child Today at one of Our Daycare Facilities